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Welcome Tom!

Posted by Martine Neider on Aug 6, 2013 5:00:00 PM
We’ve found a software engineer! With our Kickstarter support, we blew our $250k stretch goal out of the water. That meant we could go hunting for someone to help Mike and Forrest with software. It took a bit of time but Tom started Monday and we couldn’t be happier. Why don’t I let him introduce himself….

“I’ve been programming since I was tiny; most recently I worked on the video game Firefall, factory line software for the iPod Nano, and the stupidly fast Mission R electric motorcycle. I aspire to live a handcrafted life, and am excited about what CNC machines mean for the future of the maker movement. I’m still waiting for matter compilers to become available on Amazon Prime.”

In the next month we’ll add a fourth software engineer and with the two of them on board we should be able to wrangle the CAM software into its final shape and add some exciting new features.

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