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Video: Tiny Aluminum Turbine cut on Othermill

Posted by Joachim Pedersen on Dec 15, 2014 11:05:00 AM

I have been playing around with a few tiny turbine designs for a project. Here is one of them. Tiny turbines also tend to magnify any bugs in the Othermill, which is great!

The really cool thing about this turbine is that I started milling it during a short presentation demoing the Othermill to engineering undergrad students at UC Davis. At the end of the presentation, I stopped the job and packed up the mill, leaving the work piece in place. When I got home, I figured, why not test to see how accurately the mill could finish the job. I was really impressed that the job finished cleanly with little or no deviation from the initial cut.

The OD of the turbine is 16mm, the vanes are 0.5mm wide. The tool is a 1/32" 2 flute EM, linear feed rate is 500mm/min, spindle is 16k rmp, pass depth is 0.10mm, step over is 15%.

Topics: Othermill Projects, Aluminum