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Video: Set Up Otherplan to Mill SVG Files on the Othermill

Posted by Goli Mohammadi on Jul 9, 2015 2:41:00 PM

What’s an .svg file? Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg) is a common image file format. Unlike raster image files (like .jpg, .gif, and .png) that store images in grids of colored pixels, .svg files store image information as lines and shapes. As such, they can be scaled to any size and still look perfectly sharp, unlike a .jpg, which may look fuzzy and pixelated when scaled up.

More importantly, because .svg files store shapes instead of pixels, Otherplan can turn the shapes into toolpaths, which you can then cut on the Othermill.


Why is this useful? These .svg files are useful for cutting out two-dimensional shapes for jewelry, stencils, and other design elements; cutting multi-level shapes for 2.5D projects like chocolate molds; and are a great starting point for learning how to cut basic shapes on the Othermill.

Many common graphic design and CAD apps can edit and save .svg files. Some of our favorites are Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, and Sketch.

We’ve put together a full .svg file guide for you and now we have an accompanying video, where we show you how to set up Otherplan to mill .svg files on the Othermill. The video uses a linoleum stamp project as the example and provides details on how to optimize your tool use for precision and efficiency.

Check out our Snowflake Stamps tutorial for a similar full, start-to-finish linoleum stamp how-to. Our Cloisonné Enamelled Metal Trinkets tutorial provides an example of how .svg files can be used to make custom jewelry. And of course, if you want to eat your .svg files, there’s the aforementioned chocolate molds tutorial.

Happy milling! As always, if you have any questions or just want to share what you’ve made, don’t hesitate to reach us at We’re always happy to hear from you!

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