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Project Wednesday: Valentine’s Day at OMC

Posted by Simone Davalos on Feb 5, 2015 2:02:00 PM

Here at OMC, it’s really lovely having a mill or two lying around, since it means we never need to scramble for a last-minute gift for a friend or loved one. As Valentine’s day is coming up, we thought some nice chocolates would be just the thing.

OMC-ChocolateMold-Hearts-Web First we made a basic heart shape in CAD and created toolpaths from that in a CAM program. You can also draw a picture in graphics software and save it as an .svg, like we did here.

Once we had our file, we opened it in Otherplan, and set up our tools and materials. For the mold positive, we used purple machining wax (available in our store!).

RoundedHeartPurple You’ll notice futher down that the mold actually has four hearts in it for four times the Valentines-ey goodness. We did this by importing the files and using the Placement button to line them up with one another to form a four-piece mold.

We milled the wax…

Heartmold in Mill … and when it was ready, we popped it out of the mill and applied a thin coating of a two-part food-safe silicone we had mixed up.

FirstCoatSilicone We started with a thin coating so we could avoid surface bubbles. No bubbles mean a nice smooth surface to our finished chocolates.

Once we’d done that, we poured the rest of the silicone in a thin stream, again, to avoid bubbles.

FullPourHeartMold We tapped the mold on the table a couple of times (more bubbles mitigation!), then put it somewhere out of the way so the silicone would cure.

SetAsideHeartMold Once the silicone had cured, we used a handy, somewhat dull tool to pop it out of the wax.

PryMold It came out beautifully.

Finished mold After that, we got out our tempered chocolate melting wafers, and melted milk and white chocolate down to fill the mold.

Chocopour ChocinMold A trick we tried was using a food-safe syringe and wide-bore needle to draw patterns and alernate chocolate colors. Next time we’ll try dying the white chocolate with food coloring.

ChocoSyringe Here are the finished products:

FreshfromMold-1 fancy

The molds we made are deep enough to allow for interesting fillings to be hidden inside. Spread a reasonably substantial layer inside the mold, pop it in the fridge for a bit, then take it out. Have more melted chocolate, ganache, walnuts, cherries, etc ready, fill the mold most of the way, and top off with more melting wafer. Make sure the bottom of the melting wafer chocolate creates a nice solid seam with the previously solidified top!

Present to the person in your life who needs fancy chocolates, and enjoy!

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