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Factory Friday: Our Photo Box

Posted by Owen Smithyman on Nov 6, 2015 9:35:00 AM

I take a lot of photos as part of my job. All the photos in our store were taken by me, as well as most of the photos in our support guides. It’s important for customers to be able to see the things they’re considering buying — clearly and without distractions — so high-quality photos are a necessity.

Until recently, taking good photos was slow and cumbersome. We had a flimsy portable photo studio that took a long time to set up. To get entire objects in focus, I had to reduce my aperture as much as possible. This decreased the amount of light reaching the sensor, so I had to take very long exposures, sometimes as long as two seconds. My pictures would often come out slightly blurry because our office building is old and vibrates from the machine shop downstairs. So I had to take several pictures and closely inspect them to make sure I got ones that were nice and sharp. I was able to do all this, but I yearned for a simpler, faster, brighter setup.

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