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The Othermill on Kickstarter!

Posted by Martine Neider on Apr 27, 2013 5:00:00 PM


We have a big announcement! This morning we launched a Kickstarter for the Othermill. Check out our video.

With the Othermill, you can create the circuits that make your projects move, sense, blink, and even take photos. 3D printing technology has thrust desktop manufacturing into the spotlight, and it has never been easier to create your own objects. As we begin expanding the realm of what an average person can make, we will naturally move toward personalized electronic devices. The key to these custom devices is the ability to combine objects and DIY circuitry. The Othermill is the missing link.

Othemill prototype details. Othemill prototype details.

The Othermill is a small, affordable, computer controlled, 3-axis mill, designed specifically for the DIY electronics community. It is clean and quiet enough for the home workshop, yet precise and fast enough for high-level circuit design. The simple design and operation of the Othermill allows you to concentrate on your project, not your machine. Create quality circuit boards on your desk, in your garage, or on your kitchen table.

The Othermill stands out as a machine that is optimized for working with Printed Circuit Board (PCB) material, while still being lightweight and highly portable. In addition to PCB materials, it can cut metal, wood, and plastics: expanding its utility.

For more information you can see our Kickstarter page. If you have any questions about the Othermill please drop us a line at hello [at], we would love to hear from you.

Pass this on to all your friends, who isn’t excited about a portable mill that you can cut all kinds of great projects on?

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