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Stamp Making

Posted by Simone Davalos on Apr 15, 2014 5:00:00 PM

We really like making presents for people around here, and when you have a tiny mill, naturally every raw material looks like something you could make into a present.

We encountered a couple of small folks who enjoy ballet, so we made them something to remember us by.

We got two sets of linoleum block print tile, small packs of blank stationery, two different colored stamp pads, and two boxes. We downloaded a couple of free ballet-oriented clip art images from the internet, popped everything in a CAD program that exports G-code, and came out with some really nice ink stamps.

Milling the stamps.

The materials came out to about $15 for everything, including the gift box. Time-wise, it took about a day, and this was with someone who was experiencing a CAD learning curve (we like to teach around here whenever possible), and included cutting out a bunch of tests to put the Othermill through its paces.

Stamp kits.

There is something really lovely about having something with your name on it, especially when you name is pretty much never found in those rotating carousels of personalized name plates and water bottles and things that you see in toy stores and gift shops.

Those carousels are super neat when your name is “David” or “Emma”, but not so much when you are the only “Simone” within 50 miles growing up. (I’m definitely not bitter.)

We struck a blow for childhood everywhere by using an Othermill to delight two little girls, and also now have a handy way to right the wrongs of childhood name-plate induced trauma. Also, this opens up a world of fun for crafters of all stripes!

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