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Spring Breaking and Making

Posted by Danielle Applestone on Apr 2, 2013 5:00:00 PM

This week, we had a young visitor hanging out around OtherFab. My son is 8 and was on spring break. He loves it here and begged me to come to work. I said he could come for half of the time, not really being sure how to juggle the workday with watching a kid. Fortunately, he is into building things (so are we!), so I figured that I could use him as a beta tester for some of our software and hardware tools.

Sometimes we work with the software team at Otherlab, testing out whatever new CAD program they are developing. Right now, they have a killer, web-based 3D design application that lets you draw with boxes. It’s minecrafty and super simple to use.  Letting my kiddo play in this box-land was a great introduction to 3D design. After he finished, he said, “okay mom, now let’s make it!”

Voxel Couch Voxel Couch

We are fortunate enough to have access to CNC manufacturing tools at OtherFab, and so we could take this simple digital design and turn it into real things. We used a 3D printer to make a plastic version, one of our OtherFab machine prototypes to do the cardboard version, and a laser cutter to make a plywood version.

This week was such a clear reminder that the tools for digital design and manufacturing put so much within our reach. We want these types of experiences to be possible for everyone.

OtherCouch-1 Kiddo with couch prototypes, sitting on the final product.

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