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Software Release, Projects, and Presales

Posted by Danielle Applestone on Mar 3, 2014 4:00:00 PM

Today is a big day for us. We are announcing the first public release of Otherplan, our revolutionary “what you see is what you make” Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software for free download, as well the launch of Othermill presales through OMC’s online store.

We have been building Othermills with our local manufacturing partner, Bishop-Wisecarver, and delivering Othermills to our Kickstarter backers for the past few weeks. People are giving us great feedback and have even started making awesome projects. It feels incredible to deliver a product, have customers follow the setup instructions, build our sample project, and then make their own projects! All in an afternoon! For us at OMC, it’s some serious joy. Our goal was to make CNC tools accessible to more people, and we are definitely on that path.

Another milestone in the story of OMC is our transition from a R&D firm to a hardware company. We mark this milestone today by launching presales for the Othermill. For those of you who would like to purchase one, we will be shipping in four months. And if you are among the people who have had trouble finding PCB FR-1 for making your own circuits, we found a great source and now offer both double and single sided FR-1 in 4" x 5” sheets.

But! If you’d just like to play with our software and see what it can do, feel free to download it, load up your designs, visualize your creations, and export industry-standard G-Code for use in other apps.

Our Projects and Support Engineer, Simone, has started to explore what the Othermill can do, and will be posting project guides to Instructables. Here’s an awesome one she made last week: Lighting Gobos with the Othermill

Thank you for being interested in our work! If you’re in San Francisco, join us Cal Academy for Robot Nightlife on March 27! It should be fun and we will be demoing our machines.

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