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So why the Othermill?

Posted by Martine Neider on Mar 21, 2013 5:00:00 PM

All the machines I mentioned yesterday are huge, like two tons huge. Each machine also comes with its own personal software and the people designing the software assume it’s your job to learn it, so they don’t need make it particularly easy to use.

The Othermill is an affordable 3-axis mill designed specifically for use at home or in a small office by non-experts. It’s small, clean and quiet enough for use at home. Put it on your desk, in your workshop, on your kitchen table. It’s great for engraving and milling 3D shapes for jewelry or toy making. You can also cut out custom circuit boards quickly and cheaply. Wearable circuits, custom guitar effects pedals, quadcopter electronics are all within reach.

The prettiest lil' mill you ever did see.

The prettiest lil' mill you ever did see.

The software that comes with the Othermill is simple and intuitive to operate but powerful enough to actually be useful. Actually, the software’s my favorite part of this whole shebang we’ve got going.

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