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Seattle Winter Storm Project

Posted by Goli Mohammadi on Oct 18, 2016 9:48:34 AM

We love hearing about all the neat, diverse projects our community members make with the Othermill. Some of the best ones are built to solve a problem, and we recently got the following note from Maria Eberhardt when the Pacific Northwest was facing some serious storms last week. She made a multi-voltage LED light in case they lost power.

I live in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, WA) and we just went through a typhoon/major storm. We experienced a power outage on Thursday for a couple of hours, and we were expecting something more serious on the weekend.

Saturday morning I thought it would be good idea to have a multi-voltage LED light. I wanted something that could run off a 3.6-volt LiPo, a 5-volt power bank (or some other means of 5 volts), and a standard 9-volt battery. Within an hour, I had a simple PCB board design in EAGLE, and within another hour or so, using my Othermill Pro, I had a working prototype. I ended up making three multi-voltage LED lights just in case.

Here's my second version:


The first version didn't have the right USB footprint. Luckily, I didn't have to wait three weeks shipping my board design out to fix my mistake.


The above image shows the LED and 0603 resistors fitted, with the USB connector waiting to be hand-soldered. The three resistors are probably overkill for the low power dissipation. There's a four-pin header for +9, +3.6, +5, and GND. There's also a two-pin header for a JST header to connect LiPo batteries directly (but was not populated at the time).


My multi-voltage LED light hooked up to a 9-volt battery via a four-pin header. Here's the light hooked up to the USB.


It was a fun and useful project! Thanks to the Othermill Pro I was able to build this light within a couple of hours instead of waiting weeks.

Thanks for sharing your build with us, Maria! Do you have a neat project you made with the Othermill Pro? We'd love to hear about it. Drop us a line at