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Robot NightLife Recap

Posted by Simone Davalos on Apr 1, 2014 5:00:00 PM

Last Thursday, the OMC team gathered up some fun projects and a couple of Othermills and headed to the California Academy of Sciences for Robot NightLife. We were in the esteemed company of other groups such as Bot And Dolly, Evil Mad Scientist Labs, Otherlab Pneubotics, Beatbots and many many more.

We showed off two Othermills, one cutting a lovely wavy block file, and one cutting our light-up Hello World circuit boards. Our compatriots from the Otherlab Pneubotics robot group were out on the patio, socking and bopping their way through the evening with inflatable robots. A few cocktails went flying, but observers said it was worth it just to see the machines in action.

People and robot-watching was as entertaining as always (what a well-dressed crowd!), and we are always glad to interact with folks who are curious about the Othermill. We even had a person or two beam in via telepresence for the occasion.

We’ll let you know when we’re going to public events, come down and say hi when we do!

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