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Project Day October 2015

Posted by Danielle Applestone on Oct 19, 2015 2:00:00 PM

In the early days at OMC, we used to do something called “Project Friday.” We had spent so much time designing and making the Othermill that we didn’t have many opportunities to use it ourselves. Most of us on the team had no experience with CNC milling and all of a sudden needed to be able to talk intelligently about the Othermill and understand what made it special.

The first project I ever cut was a geometric shape in some machining wax. I even recorded a video! It’s been two years since I made that project, and the company has grown and changed substantially since then. We have way more responsibility now, twelve more people than we did back then, and it’s hard to find the time to make projects. But finding the time is super important!

So last month, we decided to bring back the company-wide Project Day, do it once per month, invite all of our teams to participate, and give everyone a chance to use the things that we work so hard on during the rest of the month. We know that the Othermill will be better and our company will be stronger if we all know how to use it and understand the experience that our users have on a daily basis.

Although we’ve only just brought back Project Day, I have already been so blown away by the variety of projects, materials, and techniques that people have used and experimented with. We thought we would share a peek inside OMC at some of the projects that people were working on. We’d love it if you all could join in on the next Project Day wherever you are, with whatever machine you have. It’s incredible to be inspired by the people you work with, so we thought you might enjoy sharing in that with us.

Topics: Othermill Projects, Inside OMC