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Project Day November 2015

Posted by Owen Smithyman on Dec 14, 2015 3:08:00 AM
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Every month, the whole OMC team takes a day to make projects with the Othermill. We believe that the more we use our products, the more we’ll understand our customers' perspectives and have insight into how we can improve our work.

Project Day provides us with extremely useful feedback about the user experience, and it’s a great way to test new updates to the software across a wide variety of real-world use cases.

It’s also really enjoyable to learn how to use the Othermill better, and to exercise creativity and try making projects out of new and different materials.

Here’s a collection of some of our team’s best projects from the November 2015 Project Day, plus some highlights from the October Project Day that never made it into a blog entry.

Bicycle Handlebar Plugs by Eric Weinhoffer handlebar-plugs They fit into his handlebars, and tightening the bolt causes the prongs to widen and hold them in place. Materials: Blue Delrin acetal, HDPE, steel.

Eric’s handlebar plugs installed: handlebar-plugs-in

“3-Bit Fan” by Joachim Pedersen 3-bit-fan-small It slips onto the tool in an Othermill and blows away chips while milling. Pretty cool Material: HDPE.

Mass Circuit Board Manufacturing by Danielle Applestone mass-circuit-boards The board is a tiny SMD breakout board for the SO8 small outline 8-pin package. Material: FR-1.

Speaker Enclosure Faceplate by Owen Smithyman speaker-enclosure-faceplate I’m building a sealed speaker enclosure for a full-range driver. My goal is to make a portable speaker. Material: Delrin acetal homopolymer.

Tiny Lit Display Pedestal by Torrie Fischer torrie-stand It plugs in via USB and pulses pretty purple light to illuminate the object sitting on it. Materials: polycarbonate, aluminum sheet metal, weird unknown plastic, various electronic parts.

Wisconsin by Cassy Jens wisconsin It’s where she’s from Material: walnut.

Wood Inlay Test by Beth Bernhardt wood-inlay-test Her eventual goal is to make wooden dice with inlays on all six sides. Materials: walnut, birch.

Projects from October Project Day

Here are four projects that didn’t make it into last month’s Project Day blog post.

Ring by Angye Frackowiak ring Check out the Instructable Material: brass.

Tiny Heat Sink by Sam Prest heatsink Material: aluminum.

KDE Logo by Torrie Fischer logo Material: brass.

Wooden Die by Beth Bernhardt die No dots yet. Material: walnut.

We hope you enjoyed our projects What cool stuff are you making? Tweet us @othermachine or email us photos