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Learn How to Design, Mill, and Paint Custom PCB Pins

Posted by Goli Mohammadi on Jan 24, 2018 10:14:00 AM

bt projects_pins_on_lapel-raw.jpg

Adafruit's super-talented Collin Cunningham shared a great how-to for making custom pins using copper PCBs as the base material—double-sided, copper-clad FR-4 boards, to be exact. Collin used not just any mill, but our reliable little PCB mill to make the project. We got a sneak peek at these neat pins in our recent roundup of community builds.

As part of the Adafruit Learning System, Collin's project walks you through all the steps: design your vector art in SVG format in Adobe Illustrator, import it into our software, mill, paint (with acrylics), glaze (with two-part epoxy resin), dry, and mount pin posts. Since you get to make the design of your choice, the possibilities are endless. 

Note: We recommend milling FR-4 only if using the FR-4 Milling System, in order to reduce unhealthy fiberglass dust.

Here's a visual synopsis of the process. Check out Collin's full how-to for detailed instructions.

bt projects_vector-final.jpg


bt3 projects_otherplan-bird-ready.jpg


bt4 projects_milling2.jpg


bt5 projects_mill_final.jpg


bt5 projects_painting1.jpg


bt6 projects_painting-done.jpg


bt6 projects_resin_coating_closeup.jpg


bt7 projects_resin_drying.jpg


bt8 projects_clean_flux.jpg


bt9 projects_bird-pin-finished---grey-_-yellow-cropped.jpg

If you end up making custom PCB pins of your own, we'd love to see them! Tag us on your social posts with #bantamtools and @bantamtools, or send your pictures in via

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