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Otherplan Public Beta 0.26: Double-Sided PCBs Now Available on Mac and Windows

Posted by Ezra Spier on Mar 31, 2016 8:25:06 AM
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It’s here! This month’s Otherplan Public Beta release includes one of the top feature requests from Windows users: support for milling double-sided circuit boards. Download version 0.26 now, or read on for all the details.

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Double-Sided PCB Support

The Othermill has long supported milling double-sided PCBs, but we're now excited to share this support with our Windows and Mac Public Beta users.

When making a double-sided PCB, the most complicated step is making sure that the top and bottom of the board are aligned. Even a small misalignment can render an otherwise-good board completely unusable. Luckily, it’s easy to make perfectly aligned boards using the Othermill and its alignment bracket.

Here’s how it works: with the alignment bracket installed, align a piece of double-sided FR-1 to the left side of the bracket, and tape it down. 

Double-sided PCB aligned to the left corner

Mill the top side’s traces and holes.

PCB plan in Otherplan

With the top finished, flip the board over and tape it down — this time aligning to the right side of the bracket. By aligning to the right side, we’re using the same corner of the board to align on both sides. This reduces the possibility of alignment errors. Then, mill out the rest of the board.

Double-sided PCB ready to mill the bottom side

PCB plan in Otherplan, ready to mill the bottom side

And there you have it: a perfect, double-sided board.

Milled double-sided PCB

For a step-by-step walkthrough with details about milling double-sided PCBs, read our support guide and watch the video walkthrough.

Other Updates

In addition to double-sided PCB support and a number of under-the-hood updates, there are a few new features in 0.26:

  • A fix for crashes experienced by users with certain AMD CPUs when importing Gerbers.
  • A new marker in the 3D rendering that shows where Otherplan thinks the material is registered.
  • A style update to our Traces/Holes/Outlines buttons so that it’s more clear when they’re activated.

We’re working hard to continually improve the Otherplan experience — please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have feedback to share.

Our sales team is also standing by if you have questions about how the Othermill might work for you. Just follow this link to request a consultation.

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