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Otherplan Public Beta 0.25 Update: Alignment Bracket Support

Posted by Ezra Spier on Feb 24, 2016 9:28:46 PM
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We’ve just released this month’s update to the Otherplan Public Beta: 0.25. In this update, we’re excited to share two new features: support for the Othermill’s alignment bracket and graphical improvements to FR-1. Download the update now or read on for more details.

Download Otherplan Public Beta 0.25

Alignment Bracket Support

Every Othermill ships with an alignment bracket. This bracket is helpful for multi-sided milling and for when milling material that’s hard to align to the spoilboard. With the bracket attached and located, you’ll be confident that your milling job will be precisely aligned to your material. 

Otherplan 0.25 Screenshot
Otherplan 0.25 with alignment bracket attached and located.

This release of the Otherplan Public Beta adds support for locating and aligning jobs to the alignment bracket. It’s easy to use: In Otherplan, click Locate, bolt the bracket to the spoilboard, and insert a probing tool. Otherplan will automatically find the precise location of the bracket. Then, when fixturing your material, simply align it to the lower-left corner of the bracket. When you’re ready to start your job, you’ll know that you’re milling in the correct place.

A couple technical notes on this release: Otherplan is currently able to probe the X and Y location of the alignment bracket, but does not yet take into account the rotation of the bracket. Large rotational offsets, (i.e. if your bracket is installed askew) could cause inaccurate registration with multi-sided operations. Additionally, our fixturing support is currently limited to the Othermill’s included alignment bracket. Support for rotational offsets and the Precision Fixturing & Toe Clamp Set will come in future releases.

Improved FR-1 graphical rendering

FR-1 Rendering Screenshot
FR-1 Rendering in Otherplan 0.25

Otherplan is designed to make it easy to visualize your milling job before you even turn on your mill. In this release, we’ve improved the graphical rendering of FR-1 so that it’s easier to see PCB milling previews. The new rendering is designed to look more true to life, and is implemented with a new physically-based rendering model.

We’re releasing new versions of Otherplan often, so make sure to update whenever you see a notification. Our Software Team is already hard at work on our next big release: support for two-sided PCBs.

We’re working hard to continually improve the Otherplan experience – please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have feedback to share.

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