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Otherplan Hits 1.0! Now with SVG Support, Mill All Visible, and Custom Speeds and Feeds

Posted by Ezra Spier on Nov 3, 2016 9:42:38 AM
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Yes, it’s true: Otherplan 1.0 is out!

In one of the biggest updates to Otherplan ever, Otherplan 1.0 has three new major features: support for .svg files, the ability to mill multiple plans, and custom speeds and feeds settings for your tool library. Details are below, but why wait? Download it now:

Download NowSupport for SVG Files

If you want to use the Othermill but don’t want to learn CAD or CAM, Otherplan’s new .svg file support has you covered. SVGs are a common type of vector image file that can easily be created in graphics programs like Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape – or just downloaded from the web. Support for .svg files was one of the most popular features in Otherplan Classic, so we are excited to bring this support to the cross-platform version of Otherplan as well.

Simple vector drawings are a great starting point for learning how to mill basic parts on the Othermill. With .svg files, you can mill two-dimensional shapes for engravings, stencils, and stamps or mill multi-layer designs like molds and mechanical parts. Simply load your .svg file in Otherplan, choose whether you’d like to engrave the design or mill a cutout, and select your tools.

Otherplan with an .svg file loaded.

For the step-by-step details, with some tips and tricks, read the new .svg guide.

Mill All Visible

MillAllVisible.pngAnother favorite feature of Otherplan Classic, Otherplan 1.0 contains a new Mill All Visible button. When clicked, Otherplan will mill all of the plans that are currently shown – making it easy to mill batches of circuit boards or other parts. Even better, Otherplan sorts the jobs to reduce the number of tool changes, saving time and effort.

Editable Tool Library with Custom Speeds and Feeds

In Otherplan 1.0, we’ve expanded the new Tool Library to include options for setting custom feeds and speeds for each tool. This is helpful if you’d like to dial in your settings, or if you’re milling materials other than FR-1. This feature is especially useful with the new .svg file support.

Otherplan's new speeds and feeds editor.

Read the Tool LIbrary guide for all the details. If you’re new to speeds and feeds, we’ve also put together an introductory guide.

New 30º Engraving Bit

We’ve made some changes to the 30º Engraving Bit in Otherplan 1.0. After conducting some real-world testing and research, we’ve modified the tool geometry to better reflect the results we’ve seen in practice. We’ve also added a new, higher-precision 30º engraving bit that will be helpful for better accuracy when milling ultra-high-precision circuit boards. Our change of the 30º Engraving Bit geometry in Otherplan likely won’t affect many users, but for all the details read our blog post.

Whew! We hope that you enjoy Otherplan 1.0 as much as we enjoyed building it. We’re always interested in your feedback and available if any issues emerge. Just shoot us an email at Happy milling!

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