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Otherplan 0.30: Out of Beta, with Improved Preview Rotation and Performance Optimizations

Posted by Ezra Spier on Aug 9, 2016 1:12:17 PM
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Yes, that’s right: it’s time for an Otherplan release!

Freshly out of beta, Otherplan 0.30 brings cursor-aware preview rotation, a number of performance optimizations, and a firmware update for the Othermill Pro. Read on for details or download now:

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Otherplan Is Out of Beta

In case you missed the announcement, here’s the exciting news: after seven months of releases, new features, testing, and bug fixes, we’re confident that the Otherplan Public Beta is ready for general use. To mark the occasion, we’ve removed the “Public Beta” designation and are recommending that all Othermill users switch to the new app. We have many exciting features in store, so stay tuned.

The Othermill Pro works best with Otherplan.

We’ve renamed the older, Mac-only version of Otherplan to Otherplan Classic. Because many Othermill users rely on the specific set of features available in Otherplan Classic, it will still be downloadable and supported. However, all new features and improvements will be made on our cross-platform app. For a comprehensive list of differences between Otherplan and Otherplan Classic, please take a look at our Otherplan Classic support guide and read our announcement for all the details on the change.

Cursor-Aware Preview Rotation

It’s always been possible to zoom and rotate Otherplan’s 3D preview, but Otherplan 0.30’s cursor-aware rotation feature makes it much easier to focus in and inspect the preview. Otherplan now takes the position of your cursor into account when rotating the preview, making it easier to rotate while zoomed in. This new behavior also makes Otherplan consistent with the rotation behavior used in many common CAD programs.

Animated GIF demonstrating cursor-aware preview rotation
GIF demonstrating cursor-aware preview rotation

Performance Optimizations

Performance is very important to us, and Otherplan 0.30 brings a number of optimizations that make Otherplan more responsive and use fewer system resources. We’ve updated our 3D graphics algorithms to be more intelligent about when to draw the 3D preview. This optimization results in lower CPU usage by Otherplan, especially while idle.

We’ve also optimized our PCB toolpath generation code for increased responsiveness. When loading a PCB, Otherplan now generates toolpaths one side at a time, so you don’t have to wait for the entire board to generate before seeing the preview. Additionally, Otherplan caches board geometry data between cycles to speed up toolpath generation when changing settings. All in all, setting up PCBs in Otherplan should feel much faster than before.

Other Updates

Otherplan now supports loading files through drag-and-drop! 

We’ve also included a new firmware version for Othermill Pro with updated motor power settings.

As always, we’re excited to hear your feedback. In particular, we're interested in scheduling conversations to learn more about your experiences with Otherplan. If you have a few minutes to spare for a phone call, please let us know — we’d love to connect and get your input.

If you have any questions or comments, we’re also always available at Happy milling!

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