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Otherplan 0.14.3 Release

Posted by Sarah Tappon on Mar 2, 2015 12:30:00 PM


We’ve just released a new version of Otherplan: 0.14.3!

With this release, it is now possible to use the V2 Othermill without its spoilboard. (That’s the rectangular piece of aluminum that sits atop the slotted bed.) Removing the spoilboard allows adventurous users to experiment with custom fixturing, and provides a few extra millimeters of Z-travel for those working with thick materials and long tools. We are also working to develop spiffy new accessories for anchoring material to the T-slot bed — stay tuned!

We’ve also fixed some bugs related to switching between V1 and V2 mills, and started saving a richer set of material and fixture alignment information in Otherplan mill files. This will make it easier to share project plans among multiple people or machines.

Give it a whirl by auto-updating your older version of Otherplan, or downloading the latest one here.

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