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Othermill In Uganda

Posted by Simone Davalos on Aug 27, 2014 5:00:00 PM

We’re very pleased to have Othermills all over the world, and when they are used for positive change, education and fun we’re really thrilled.

Fundi Bots


Fundi Bots is a Ugandan team of technology educators who are compiling a useful array of tools and equipment for change and improvement in their communities and beyond. In their own words:

“We’re using robotics training in African schools to raise a new generation of problem solvers, innovators and change-makers.

We focus on the technological process of building robots as a way for students to look at the world around them from a practical, solution oriented perspective. By guiding students through problem identification, brainstorming, collaboration, construction, programming, final deployment and system feedback, we show them how the problems around them can be solved through a technological approach and persistent reductive analysis.

We want to change the status-quo of education, facilitate technical innovation and provide better career and development opportunities for African children. Our activities provide hands-on, practical STEM education and access to resources that will shape their future and the world around them.”

Lindsay Craig, itinerant educator extraordinaire is working with Fundi Bots in Uganda, and introduced himself to us at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in which we took part this past spring.

We immediately loved what he was doing in general with education, and in particular with Fundi Bots, and furnished him with an Othermill to add to their tool resources.

Linz is blogging about his experiences over at Make Robots Not War, and we’re looking forward to his dispatches.

Here’s a nifty video from Fundi Bots featuring Solomon King Benge, founder of FundiBots, and Linz.

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