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Other Machine Co. Becomes Bantam Tools

Posted by Danielle Applestone on Sep 5, 2017 11:02:01 PM

As of today, Other Machine Co. is officially Bantam Tools.

It's been five years and one month exactly since we embarked on a journey to design desktop manufacturing tools for the classroom on a government contract. Through Kickstarter, venture capital funding, and acquisition earlier this year, the mission has never changed: we aim to dramatically increase the accessibility of CNC machines. 


We have always been a small, powerful team building small, powerful machines. As we started planning the future of our company this year, we decided to choose a name that would better represent our spirit. 

Practically speaking, we also needed to have a name that would grow with our vision and would be less confusing to people. We chose "bantam" because it is the name of the small-but-mighty roosters known for competing well above their weight class. They are a great underdog animal, but much like our 'adorable' milling machines - don't underestimate what they can do! 

Moving forward, the Othermill Pro is undergoing some modifications and becoming the Bantam Tools Desktop PCB Milling Machine. The machine still works great for small mechanical parts, but because so much of our community is using it for electronics prototyping, we wanted to level up in that department and let potential customers know about its primary use case. We have been extremely busy since our acquisition in May and have added a handful of hardware and software features that make our machine even more primo for prototyping:

One of the benefits of our new ownership and support of Bre Pettis is that we are now able to continue expanding the capabilities of our products. We appreciate everyone's patience as we worked to deliver a few long-awaited features of dust collection, FR-4 milling, and material probing to improve the experience. If you have an Othermill or an Othermill Pro, we have made the new features backwards-compatible with your machines. Just download the new version of our software here and check out our store for things like the Vacuum Port Upgrade.

So, our name is new, the horizon is where we are headed, and it is a true pleasure to continue to serve our customers. We appreciate every single one of you and hope that we will be a lifelong part of your exploration of hardware. 


Danielle Applestone

CEO, Bantam Tools (former co-founder and CEO of Other Machine Co.)