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O'Reilly Solid Podcast Chats with OMC's Danielle Applestone

Posted by Goli Mohammadi on Apr 27, 2015 12:30:00 PM

O'Reilly Media’s Solid Conference, now in its second year, “explores and celebrates what’s happening right now in the world of physical technology.” This year’s conference takes place on June 23–25 in San Francisco, and our CEO Danielle Applestone will be speaking on the 25th about building a community around the Othermill’s supply chain. Her talk is titled “How to Make an Othermill: The story of a 400-person build.”


Program chair Jon Bruner and associate chair David Cranor took some time to chat with Danielle about the Othermill, which Cranor calls “one of my favorite personal digital fabrication tools.”

Listen to the podcast here:

Danielle talks about the importance and joy of building a relationship with members of Othermill’s entire supply chain, the vast majority of which are locally situated.

She says, “We are translating the efforts of hundreds — or maybe thousands — of people into an object and trying to empower people with this object.”

Danielle adds, “I think a lot of times, in a supply chain, you see one small slice of the entire story, whereas we try to immerse every supplier in the story.” By doing so, suppliers get the opportunity to see how they fit into the future of the product and directly see the impact that their work has.

SolidCon early bird tickets are available until May 7!

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