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OMC at the Bay Area Science Festival

Posted by Simone Davalos on Oct 29, 2014 12:14:00 PM

This week, the greater San Francisco Bay Area is celebrating the Bay Area Science Festival, a collection of exciting and interesting science-oriented events scattered around numerous venues in San Francisco and beyond.

Bay Area Science Festival

The other night, OMC engraved things and spoke on machines at Odd Salon (“Expert talks on odd topics; odd talks on everything else”).The crowd was great, and we got name-checked by the host for the belt buckle we engraved for her during the pre-show, which featured Harvey, Odd Salon’s Wolpertinger mascot.

This Saturday, November 1st, we’re looking forward to making things with math and physics at our table at the Bay Area Science Festival’s Discovery Day at AT&T Park. Join us!

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