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New Accessory Turns Your Othermill into a Production Tool

Posted by Owen Smithyman on Feb 23, 2016 7:28:05 AM
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We’re excited to announce our new Precision Fixturing and Toe Clamp Set, a collection of accessories that allow for unsurpassed finish quality and precision. Much like a vise, the clamps are quick to apply and remove, and the increased rigidity versus tape or glue yields a better surface finish and extends the life of your tools. The Precision Fixturing and Toe Clamp Set enables you to:

  • Turn your Othermill into a production tool
  • Achieve consistent and reproducible results
  • Machine parts faster, more easily, and with better precision
  • Extend the life of your tools
  • Produce a better surface finish
  • Mill thicker materials without glue or expensive tape
  • Operate more safely and with better reliability

pftcs-in-machine-brass.jpgBrass stock attached to the bed.

clamp-only.gifEasily secure and remove materials with a turn of the hex key.

This accessory works best with metals and hardwoods that are at least 1/8" thick or with plastics, softwoods, and waxes that are at least 1/4" thick, although thinner stock can be used if the horizontal dimensions are smaller.

We hope you like the Precision Fixturing and Toe Clamp Set as much as we do! Get yours in our store, or for more information, check out our user's guide.

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