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Metal Monday: Milling Metal on the Othermill

Posted by Diana Mitchell on Aug 24, 2015 12:55:00 PM

OnceYouGoMetal2 Greetings, metal heads! Diana here to share the best metal projects roundup for this Metal Monday.

As director of sales for Other Machine Co., a question I get asked a lot is, “Can the Othermill mill metal?” To which I reply, “Why, yes it can!” This tends to be followed by a sideways look and a skeptical “Reaaaaalllly?” So I’m here to dispel any rumors or myths about our tiny machine CNCing aluminum, brass, and other metals.

Myth #1: The Othermill is too small to mill metal.

Hogwash! While the Othermill is arguably the cutest CNC out there, it’s one mean, lean CNCing machine. Our hardware engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure that the Othermill is the most precise mill in its size and price class. The Othermill can mill down to 0.001" precision on any material softer than steel. Cutting metal is all about spindle power and choosing the right tools. As long as you control your depth and width of cut, you can accurately machine metal.

Aluminum slot milled for a university’s biomedical department.


Aluminum butterfly CNCed out of 6061 aluminum sheets from the OMC store.

For more info check out our handy aluminum guide.

Myth #2: HDPE is not rigid enough to hold the tolerances required to mill metal.

Erroneous! Our machine frame gets its rigidity and resistance to vibration via six interlocking press-fit walls. Our HDPE frame dampens much of the vibration associated with high-speed milling to maintain accurate and consistent tool and workpiece contact. The Othermill has a relatively low torque spindle, meaning it can’t carve huge chunks of metal like a $60,000 Haas mill; however, it can achieve the same cut by milling fast traces at a low pass depth.


Smaller than a dime, this brass turbine is milled in 360 brass, also available from our store.

Myth #3: I should only mill metal if I am an advanced user.

Mumbo jumbo, moonshine, and poppycock! While we typically recommend that those new to CNC start out on softer materials, once you’ve had a bit of practice, the Othermill is a great tool for molding metal to your desire. And we want you to try! We’ve published a new tutorial to show you how to do just that, using Fusion 360. So roll up your sleeves and let’s mill some custom aluminum and brass rings on the Othermill!


Still skeptical? Email us at We love sharing the capabilities of our small but mighty Othermill!

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