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Kinetic Kimono - the Immortal Butterfly

Posted by Danielle Applestone on Jan 4, 2016 1:04:56 PM

Occasionally, someone with an Othermill shares something truly out of the ordinary. This week, one of our Kickstarter backers, Alexander Reeder, showed us his project: a kimono made of fluttering butterflies (conceived and commissioned by Asami Kiyokawa).

He used the Othermill to make circuit boards, to which he then mounted motors and actuators to make the butterflies flap their wings.

The artist's workbench.

boards.jpgFreshly milled circuit boards.

Butterflies assembled with motors, circuit boards, and actuators.

Finished installation.

This work of art is exceptional because it involves textiles, electronics, motors, and even sound. This kimono isn't the typical "wearable device" that people think of, but maybe it's time to start expanding the term.

If you want to see some more photos of its construction, check them out here.

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