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Kickstarter Thanks and Stretch Goals

Posted by Martine Neider on May 7, 2013 5:00:00 PM


We are incredibly grateful for the support that we have received. We had no idea that we would reach our goal in less than 24 hours. You might be wondering, “if they have already reached their goal, what does my contribution enable?”

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JOB CREATION: At $100,000, a job gets created! We can hire another machinist, and we can manufacture your machines faster.

SOFTWARE FEATURES: At $250,000, (first we jump up and down, and then..) we hire a third software engineer. This means the first release of Othercam has even more features and is able to do things (DXF importing, etc) currently planned for future versions.

DOUBLE PRODUCTION: At $500,000, we add a second production line in a larger manufacturing space with more staff. This has the long term effect of establishing our US manufacturing facility, far ahead of schedule.

THE DREAM: $1 million. We get back to our mission of “shop class for the 21st century,“ ahead of schedule. We began our work as part of a government funded push to revive high school shop class, with a modern twist: tools for digital design and CNC manufacturing. If we reach this goal, we will be able to allocate the time and the staff to create the resources for teaching these skills to the next generation.

Kickstarter campaigns are about so much more than contributions and rewards. They are about doing something together that would have been impossible to do on your own. Check out our Kickstarter here.

Othemill prototype details. Othemill prototype details.

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