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Keep Your Machine Clean: Preventative Maintenance for Your Othermill

Posted by Simone Davalos on Sep 24, 2015 11:47:00 PM

We hear this often at the support desk: “So, I’ve been milling [insert material of your choice] all weekend, and I ran into this issue where the machine is behaving funny. I think I have a [insert speculation on really complicated machine issue]. I’m prepared to take my Othermill apart or ship it back and have involved repairs made on my machine by the knowledgeable folks at OMC. But boy, will I ever miss my mill!”

I assure you, friends, it may not be necessary to bid your Othermill bon voyage!

Many common Othermill user challenges can be overcome by simply giving the mill a thorough cleaning. Regular attention to the state of your mill will also help prevent many problems in advance of anything going wrong.

Though we have an exemplary Maintenance Guide, I’ve undertaken to illustrate the basics of the Othermill maintenance process with this handy visual guide.

Look at this mill: swarfy-mill.jpg

Just look at it. swarfy-mill-close.jpg It’s been working hard, and it’s absolutely filthy.

Luckily, we’ve brought in a friend from the bench. maintenance3

Give your mill a good vacuuming every time you finish milling something. Vacuuming-swarf-faster-fix2.gif

Some materials might even need vacuuming during the operation you’re running, if they’re particularly messy. If things start to build up, press the “Pause” button in Otherplan, pop off a window, and vacuum your workpiece.

This will prevent any issues with the tool not being able to clear the bits of dust and shavings the endmill removes from the material, also known as swarf, which is, hands down, our favorite word ever. It also prevents the tool from binding up and possibly breaking.

Make sure you move the bed back and forth with the jogging keys in the Otherplan window to get all the swarf from under the machining bed. Use a brush to loosen dust and debris that may have gotten caught in any nooks and crannies.


Much better!


Happy milling!

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