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8 Fusion 360 Resources for Othermill Users

Posted by Ezra Spier on Jan 25, 2016 2:51:50 PM
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Fusion 360 is one of our favorite CAD/CAM apps, and it works great with the Othermill. Whether you’re learning CAD for the first time or you’re an experienced CAM operator, these resources will get you milling in no time.


New to Fusion 360? Start here. These two resources will help you understand how Fusion 360 and the Othermill work together, and then walk you through your first project.


  1. Video: The Process of Creating and Milling Digital Designs

How do CAD, CAM, and milling fit together? This video breaks down the entire workflow of using Fusion 360 and the Othermill together.


  1. Step-by-Step Tutorial: Custom Aluminum and Brass Rings

Need an idea for a first project? Follow this step-by-step project tutorial to learn how to make a custom metal ring. Get started quickly with our downloadable 3D model, then tweak to your heart’s content.


Getting Started

Itching to work on your own Fusion 360 projects? Read these guides to get the background you need to explore the world of CAD and CAM.


  1. CAD and CAM: What’s the Difference?

If you’re new to manufacturing, CAD and CAM can be confusing concepts. This guide teaches you the difference between these two types of software and why you need to use both.


  1. Using Fusion 360 with the Othermill

Have a 3D model you’d like to mill? This guide shows you how to use Fusion 360’s CAM features to prepare toolpaths for the Othermill.


  1. Othermill Tool Library for Fusion 360

No matter the milling project, you need to define your tools. Download this tool library to quickly configure Fusion 360 with all of the standard Othermill tools from our online store.


Building Your Skills

Experimenting with new materials? Trying to achieve ultra-high precision? These advanced resources help you navigate advanced Fusion 360 and Othermill projects.


  1. Othermill Materials Guides

Finding the right feeds and speeds is a difficult part of any machining task. From aluminum to wood, our guides give you the information you need to get milling quickly.


  1. Fixturing Guides

Large pieces of material can be more challenging to attach to the Othermill, so we've written up some best practices to make sure your parts are secure and perfectly aligned.


  1. Make Your Mill More Precise with Circles, Squares, and Diamonds

Use Fusion 360’s advanced tool library to create ultra-precise parts by accounting for specific tool geometry.

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