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Education Is in Our DNA

Posted by Goli Mohammadi on Apr 29, 2015 10:30:00 PM


It’s impossible to tell the Other Machine Co. story without talking about our roots in education. The predecessor to today’s Othermill was developed as a part of a research and development program to “reinvent shop class for the 21st century.” And though the machine itself has changed and become fine-tuned over the years, our commitment to our original mission has stayed the same.

Through every step of the process, we’ve remained focus on putting the incredible power of CNC milling in the hands of everyone, not just trained engineers. From our intuitive software, Otherplan, to the simplicity and accessibility of the Othermill itself, we’ve designed all aspects toward creating a fluid and empowering experience for anyone with interest.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.58.57 AM

As the Othermill has made its way out into the wild, we’ve been inspired by how educators have been using it to open doors for their students. At NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, the Othermill is enabling students to learn milling while expanding the range of materials at their disposal. Educators with Uganda’s Fundi Bots program use the Othermill to introduce students to CNC technology, improve their prototyping processes, and develop better educational materials for their robotics club, all of which were previously out of reach. California College of the Art’s Hybrid Lab has been using the Othermill with interaction design students, allowing instructors to fluidly teach practical PCB design skills while reducing the time spent debugging delicate solderless breadboard projects.


We’ve created a resource center on our site, geared toward educators who are interested in getting more information about the Othermill, as well as those who already have an Othermill and are looking for ideas on how to maximize its potential. Check out our Education page to read about the stories highlighted above, see the education supply bundles we offer, and learn what the Othermill can do for your students and curriculum. We’ve even built a tool for you to get a quote based on your needs.

We’re here if you have any questions, and we can’t wait to see what you and your students make!

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