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Announcing the Othermill Pro!

Posted by Danielle Applestone on May 24, 2016 2:37:15 PM


Today there is a new machine on the scene: Othermill Pro. Higher spindle speed, faster rapids, and stiffer construction for those who need to push the limits and prototype PCBs with 6 mil trace and space precision. We built this machine primarily based upon observations and feedback from our community and couldn't be more proud of the results from this joint effort.

So what's new? The Othermill Pro is an evolution of the original Othermill, with improvements aimed at producing smaller feature sizes and milling all types of objects more quickly. The most visible feature is a new, custom-designed spindle motor manufactured just for the Othermill Pro. This upgrade increases the maximum spindle speed from 16,400 RPM to 26,000 RPM. 


New Custom Spindle Motor

Higher spindle speeds are important for maximizing throughput when milling with very small tools that cannot accept high cutting forces. The motor is also balanced to the same ISO 1940 G2.5 balance grade commonly applied to hard disk drives and turbines to ensure quieter running through less vibration.
In order to incorporate the new motor, we overhauled the power electronics that drive it. This gave us the opportunity to run more voltage to the linear actuators and increase their maximum speed from 1,500 mm/min to 2,600 mm/min. This increased feed rate will help machinists maintain chip load with faster spindle speeds, increasing overall material removal rates. As a bonus, the external power supply is also much smaller and more portable, and the overall power consumption of the mill is lower.
Blended Acetal and PTFE Bearings in the Othermill Pro
Finally, we also increased the stiffness of our novel linear way flexures and upgraded the linear bearing material to an acetal blend with PTFE. These changes increase the overall rigidity of the Othermill while providing smoother linear motion and improved wear characteristics.
If you already have an Othermill and are interested in upgrading it to add the capabilities of the Othermill Pro, check out the details here.
As always, we appreciate your support on our quest to revolutionize and professionalize desktop manufacturing. 

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