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How Building Momentum Uses the Bantam Tools Desktop PCB Milling Machine to Teach Problem Solving

Cal Maritime Team Wins First Place in U.S. Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition

From the Archives: Convert Gerber Files to G-Code with FlatCAM

Guide to Proper Use of Digital Calipers

Use SVG Files to Effortlessly Mill Basic Parts Without Learning CAD and CAM

Noah Coleman's Tutorials: CNC Milled Glass Stamp and Motorcycle Cruise Control

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Technique: How to Apply Solder Masks to Milled PCBs

Learn How to Design, Mill, and Paint Custom PCB Pins

Winter Community Builds: Fuzz Box, Robot Visors, and Circuits Galore

Everything You Need to Know About Milling PCBs

Mill Angled Joints for NeoPixel LED Strips

6 Schools That Used Our Mill for Greater Good in 2017

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Mill a Bantmobile Classic Wooden Toy Car

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Build Your Own Overdrive Effects Pedal

Danielle Applestone Interview on Make: Hardware Dev, Domestic Manufacturing, and the Recent Acquisition

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Other Machine Co. Becomes Bantam Tools

How Researchers at USC Are Using the Othermill to Develop Low-Cost Microdevices

Free Tool Libraries for Every Material & Common End Mill Size

SVGs and Milling Metal Cutouts Without Breaking End Mills

3D-Print a Handy Tool Rack for Your Othermill

Use Fritzing to Personalize Your PCB with Text or Image

Otherplan 1.1: Improved Collision Warnings and Bug Fixes

How Cal Maritime Uses the Othermill to Teach Electronics

Neptune Uses the Othermill to Make Custom Microfluidics Systems Accessible

Othermill PCB Milling and Masking Tutorials from SAIC

Metalnat's Lessons Learned from Broken End Mills

High School Robotics Team Uses Othermill to Mill PCBs and Salvaged Aluminum

Why Burn-In and Break-In Processes Are Essential

UC Berkeley's Jacobs Institute Invites Innovation Through Interdisciplinary Programming

Intro to Electronics Product Design Part 2: Electronic System Architecture

Winter Othermill Project Roundup

Design for Manufacturing: Can We Mill This Master Cylinder Adapter?

Intro to Electronics Product Design: Defining Requirements for a Convenient Solar Oven

Tips & Tricks for Milling Wood, as Seen on Adafruit's Show-and-Tell

UC San Diego's EnVision: Meeting Industry Need for More Hands-on Experience

Getting to Zero Lead Time in Hardware

Dave's Guide to Using Altium with the Othermill

Fall Othermill Project Roundup

The World's Greatest Jumping Robot, Made Using the Othermill

Build a Portable, Low Cost, Open Source Air Particle Counter

Refining 30º Engraving Bit Support in Otherplan 1.0

Otherplan Hits 1.0! Now with SVG Support, Mill All Visible, and Custom Speeds and Feeds

How STEM Education Has Changed in the Last 30 Years: Tom Dubick and Charlotte Latin Fab Lab Pave the Way

Seattle Winter Storm Project

Otherplan 0.32: Custom Tools, Faster PCB Toolpaths, and More

Otherplan 0.31: Improved EAGLE File Support, Faster PCB Toolpath Generation, and More

Otherplan 0.30: Out of Beta, with Improved Preview Rotation and Performance Optimizations

Bringing Otherplan Out of Beta

Othermill Project Roundup

Otherplan Public Beta 0.29: Collision Warnings, Bridged Trace Updates, and Firmware Update

The Othermill Guide to Units of Measurement

Otherplan Public Beta 0.28: Simplifying Tool Selection, Othermill Pro Support, and More

Announcing the Othermill Pro!

Dhruv's Oak and Inlaid Aluminum Map of Manhattan

Boost Your Boards: Speeding Up PCB Prototyping with Engraving Bit Isolation Milling

Otherplan Public Beta 0.27: Cutting PCB Milling Time

Blackmagic Design's Grant Petty on the Othermill

Tips and Tricks to Get More Out of Your Desktop CNC Mill

Otherplan Public Beta 0.26: Double-Sided PCBs Now Available on Mac and Windows

OMC Moves to Berkeley (with Time-Lapse Video of Setup)

Otherplan Public Beta 0.25 Update: Alignment Bracket Support

New Accessory Turns Your Othermill into a Production Tool

Building a Campus Makerspace? Here’s How to Plan for Safety When Adding CNC Machines

The Heat Sink Experiment, a Heat Transfer Teaching Resource from OMC

Introducing OMC Educational Content: The Truss Experiment

Software Update: Otherplan 0.14.7 and Otherplan Public Beta 0.24.3

Introducing the Bit Fan, a New Othermill Accessory You Can Make

8 Fusion 360 Resources for Othermill Users

How to Make PCBs On a Desktop CNC Mill

Convert STL to STEP

Lego and Super Soakers: How a Tufts University Professor is Changing Education

Milling Tensile Test Specimens in the Classroom

Kinetic Kimono - the Immortal Butterfly

PCB Support Comes to the Otherplan Public Beta: Announcing 0.23.3

14 Wooden Projects Made on the Othermill

Project Day November 2015

End Mill Identification Guide

Otherplan Public Beta 0.22.2

What qualities define a good entry-level engineer? We asked SparkFun's Pete Dokter

Factory Friday: Our Photo Box

Project Day October 2015

Video: Use FlatCAM to Convert Gerber Files to G-Code

The Othermill and Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan

OMC Visits Los Angeles

Othermill on Windows: Introducing the Otherplan Public Beta

Keep Your Machine Clean: Preventative Maintenance for Your Othermill

Make Your Mill More Precise with Circles, Squares, and Diamonds

Breakfast Heroes: Tiny, Wearable, and Milled to Perfection

Metal Monday: Milling Metal on the Othermill

OtherYo: The Making of a Delrin Yo-Yo for String Tricks

PCB Milling Resources: Guides, Videos, and Projects

The Nerd Watch, Unveiled

Video: Set Up Otherplan to Mill SVG Files on the Othermill

Domestic Manufacturing FTW

Video: Setting Up Otherplan to Mill Circuit Boards on the Othermill

Factory Friday: Solder Fume Extraction

Making Breadboards for Surface-Mount Packages

Announcing our Fusion 360 Partnership

Custom Gifts for Mother's Day

Expanding the STEM Horizons of Young Girls

Education Is in Our DNA

O'Reilly Solid Podcast Chats with OMC's Danielle Applestone

Factory Friday: The Art of Kitting Containers

Circuit Board Tips and Tricks

Factory Friday: E-Stop Install Tool

Collin's Lab: Capacitive Synth PCB Milling with the Othermill

Otherplan 0.14.3 Release

Projects: Ice Fishing Made Easy with the Othermill

Project Wednesday: Valentine’s Day at OMC

Otherplan 0.14.2 Release

Factory Friday: The Importance of Crimp Tools and Test Jigs

OMC at CES 2015

2015: Year of the Mill

Materials Monday: Our Logo

Factory Friday: Custom Tooling

Our Favorite Vacuum

Video: Tiny Aluminum Turbine cut on Othermill

Hacking Autodesk University

Othermills are Shipping Now!

Digital Interactive Disco Ball Ensures No Parking on the Dance Floor

Enamelling Metal with the Othermill

OMC at the Bay Area Science Festival

Roommate Power!

My Experience as an OMC Summer Intern


It’s Official! The Othermill is Ready

Why I'm So Excited About This Misshapen Piece of Wood

Re:Make SF 2014 and OMC

Othermill In Uganda

Happy Fourth!

Dilek's Necklace

Introducing Otherplan Duet

Nightlife At CalAcademy And Maker Faire

Mother's Day

Stamp Making

Visiting Brit+Co Makeshop

A Present for Sol

Robot NightLife Recap

Middle School Tech Club visits OMC

Popular Mechanics: Makers Who Are Reinventing the American Dream

Robot NightLife at Cal Academy

Prototype Boards for Faraday Bikes

Othermill Instructables Out in the Wild

Software Release, Projects, and Presales

Arduboy: The Interactive Digital Business Card

Setting Kickstarter Shipping Dates

Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award!

Software Demo!

PCB Testing

New spindle design, packaging testing and fun projects

Other Machine Co.

Other Machine Co. on Morning Edition

We're officially popular...

Welcome Tom!

Dorkbot is coming to Otherlab!

Our Post-Kickstarter Life

We're Going to Maker Faire

Kickstarter Thanks and Stretch Goals

Chocolate Extravaganza

Autodesk Design Night

The Othermill on Kickstarter!

Home Sweet Home

Spring Breaking and Making

Meet Our Interns: Kimly!

Meet Our Interns: Jake!

Debugging day

So why the Othermill?

The One Button Interface

Wait? Computer controlled machines?

Loving our own dog food

Machining with LEGO

Introductions all around