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14 Wooden Projects Made on the Othermill

Posted by Owen Smithyman on Dec 14, 2015 4:37:00 PM
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Want to see some cool things Othermill users are making out of wood? We’ve got ‘em! These inspiring projects use many different kinds of wood and are milled many different ways. We’ve got inlays, scale models, toys, enclosures, jewelry, and more! Some of these projects even have tutorials for making them.

1. Miniature Coffee Pot by Sam Prest CoffeePot-2

2. Puzzle by Eric Chu (@yochu) puzzle

3. Lego-Compatible Bricks by Andy Wilson (@AndySWilson) wood12

4. Coasters by Jeff Lieberman (@xercyn) jeff-coasters

5. 4x4 Arduinome Enclosure by Martin Juarez 4x4-enclosure

6. Breakfast Heroes by Marc Fong Check out his full tutorial! breakfast-heroes

7. Future Relic by Gregg Wygonik (@gwygonik) relic

8. Wooden Inlay Ornament by Danielle Applestone (@dapplestone) Check out her full tutorial! ornament

9. OMC Mother of Pearl Logo Inlay in Purpleheart by Simone Davalos (@MissySB) logo-inlay

10. Moth Pendant by Gregg Wygonik (@gwygonik) moth

11. Ball Maze by Sarah Tappon maze

12. Pencil Cup by Andy Wilson (@AndySWilson) pen-box

13. Milo’s Airplane He was so excited that he couldn’t resist drawing on it. milo-1

14. Drawing by Eric Wilhelm’s Children (@ericwilhelm) drawing-to-toy

What cool stuff are you making? Send us pictures or tweet us @othermachine.

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