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The Othermill Guide to Units of Measurement

Posted by Ezra Spier on Jun 15, 2016 1:42:37 PM

Inches, millimeters, mils — what’s the difference? One of our customers asked for advice on which units to use when designing for the Othermill, so we put together this handy guide to units.

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Keep Your Machine Clean: Preventative Maintenance for Your Othermill

Posted by Simone Davalos on Sep 24, 2015 11:47:00 PM

We hear this often at the support desk: “So, I’ve been milling [insert material of your choice] all weekend, and I ran into this issue where the machine is behaving funny. I think I have a [insert speculation on really complicated machine issue]. I’m prepared to take my Othermill apart or ship it back and have involved repairs made on my machine by the knowledgeable folks at OMC. But boy, will I ever miss my mill!”

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