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My Experience as an OMC Summer Intern

Posted by Sam DeRose on Oct 20, 2014 2:00:00 PM

Hello! I’m Sam DeRose, and this summer I had the fantastic opportunity to work for OMC! Sadly, I had to return to college to finish learning stuff, but I’m hard-set on coming back to this wonderful group of people.

My internship involved making a bunch of projects and tutorials to show off the many uses of the Othermill. I made jewelry, electronic gadgets, and random crafts projects, which will all be available on Instructables.

However, I also got a chance to work on some personal projects, and had the opportunity to play with the larger CNC tools in Otherlab’s machine shop. What follows is a conglomeration of some of the things I made that didn’t end up on Instructables.

I’m a huge Lord of the Rings nerd, so I engraved one of Gandalf’s famous sayings on this belt (written in elvish).

OMC-Blog-49-ElvishBelt The Bit Rack Rack is a way to hold three Bit Racks. That’s 36 bits!


OMC was invited to the White House Maker Faire. I made this dog collar tag for Obama’s dog and apparently it was actually delivered to him!


Finally, Pamela Griffith did this beautiful pen drawing of a warbler. I scanned it, imported it into Otherplan, then made it into a stamp and engraved it into some anodized aluminum.

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